Dallis Craft Music


Photo by Melissa McArdle

2024 Upcoming Shows

Unity in Marin

600 Palm Dr, Novato, CA 94949

May 5

June 2

July 7

August 4

September 1

October 13

November 3

December 1

New Copasetics

Friday, August 9 River Front Cafe, 5:30-8

224 B St, Petaluma, CA 94952 (707) 347-5147

Past Events


4/7/24  Unity in Marin (solo)

3/10/24  Unity in Marin (solo)

2/17/24  Murphy's Irish Pub (New Copsetics)

2/4/24  Unity in Marin (solo)

2/3/24  The Riptide, SF (New Copasetics)

1/14/24  Unity in Marin (solo)


12/27/23  The Blue Note (New Copasetics)

12/16/23 Private Party w/ California Cowboys

11/25/23. Gratitude Gathering at Journey HQ (Dallis Craft Band)

11/23/23  Unity in Marin (solo)

11/19/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

11/5/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

10/15/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

10/1/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

9/3/23  Unity in Marin (solo)

9/2/23  San Anselmo Park (Lady Ace)

8/20/23  Unity in Marin (solo)

8/17/23. Murphy's Irish Pub (New Copasetics)

8/4/23. River Front Cafe (New Copasetics)

7/9/23  Unity in Marin (solo)

6/23/23  Market and Main (New Copasetics)

6/1/23  Murphy's Irish Pub (New Copasetics)

5/14/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

4/30/23 Clayton Art and Wine Festival (featured)

4/28/23 Market and Main (New Copasetics)

4/21/23 Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

4/2/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

3/18/23 Napa Valley Distillery (New Copasetics)

3/5/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

2/17/23 Sweetwater Music Hall (w/Jimmy Dillon)

1/29/23 Unity in Marin (solo)

1/28/23 Murphy's Irish Pub (New Copasetics)


11/13/22  Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley (New Copasetics)

10/22/22 Reel and Brand, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

10/9/22 Grand Lake Gardens, Oakland (Solo)

10/2/22 Unity in Marin, Novato (Solo)

9/23/22 River Front Cafe, Petaluma (New Copasetics)

9/17/22 Mill Valley Art Festival (LOA & the Wild Knights)

8/26 & 27 Blue Frog Studios, White Rock BC (King James)

8/13/22 Peri's Tavern, Fairfax (New Copasetics)

7/4/22 Murphy's Irish Pub, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

6/5/22 Walnut Creek Art and Wine Fest (New Copasetics)

5/21/22 Murphy's Irish Pub, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

5/5/22 Lucca Beergarden, Benicia (New Copasetics)

3/12/22 Lucca Beergarden, Benicia (New Copasetics)


11/27/21 Murphy's Irish Pub, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

11/6/21 Big Easy, Petaluma (New Copasetics)

10/17/21 Reel and Brand, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

10/8/21 Murphy's Irish Pub, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

9/18/21 Mill Valley Art Festival (New Copasetics)

9/3/21 Sebastiani Winery, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

8/13/21 Reel and Brand Sonoma (New Copasetics)

8/8/21 Lucca Beergarden, Benicia (New Copasetics)



3/6/20 Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

2/2/20 Station House Cafe, Point Reyes Station (New Copasetics)

1/10/20 Big Easy, Petaluma (New Copasetics)


11/27/19 Blue Note, Napa (New Copasetics)

11/23/19 Armando's, Martinez (New Copasetics)

11/3/19 Station House Cafe, Point Reyes Station (New Copasetics)

11/1/19 Redwood Cafe, Cotati (New Copasetics)

8/18/19 Corte Madera Summer Sunday Series (New Copasetics)

8/16/19 Sebastiani Winery, Sonoma (New Copasetics)

7/20/19  Venice Beach Music Fest (Ace of Cups)

7/19/19  Lucca Bar and Grill (New Copasetics)

7/18/19  SweetWater Music Hall (Ace of Cups)

7/12-14/19  Oregon Country Fair (Ace of Cups)

7/6/19  Lee Fong Park Amphitheater, Weaverville (Ace of Cups)

6/28-30/19 Kate Wolf Music Festival, Laytonville (Ace of Cups)

6/26/19  Peacetown Summer Series Concerts, Sebastopol (Ace of Cups)

6/19/19  Surrealistic Summer Solstice Jam 3, Golden Gate Park (Ace of Cups)

6/16/19  Stationhouse Cafe (New Copasetics)

6/13/19  KRUSh Back yard BBQ concert (Ace of Cups)

4/13/19 Redwood Cafe ( New Copasetics)

4/ 7/ 19 Fenix (Amy Wigton Band)

3/ 22/19 Trident (Dallis Solo)

1/26/19  Redwood Cafe (New Copasetics)

1/11/19 Sweetwater Music Hall (Jimmy Dillon Band)


12/28/18  Rancho Nicasio (New Copasetics)

12/23/18  Station House Cafe (New Copasetics)

12/22/18  Red Brick (New Copasetics)

12/2/18 Out of the Fire Benefit Concert

11/29/18 Rancho Nicasio 20th Anniversary Show (Rancho Allstars)

11/23/18 Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

11/17/18 Rancho Nicasio (Rancho Allstars, Mike Duke, Gary Vogenson, Paul Revelli, Angela Strehli, Steve Ehrmann)

10/3-6  Backing Gary Nicholson Bay Area tour (New Copasetics)

9/30/18 Fenix (with Eric McCann and Brent Rampone)

9/29/18: Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival (New Copasetics)

9/9/18  Sweet Water Music Hall (Jimmy Dillon Band for "Dec My Room" benefit for Kids in hospice)

9/5/18  Empress Theater, Vallejo (New Copasetics)

9/2/18  Station House Cafe (New Copasetics)

8/30/18  Trident (Solo)

8/18/18  Private Party (Jimmy Dillon Band)

8/15/18  Empress Theatre (New Copasetics)

8/10/18  Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

8/4/18  Rancho Nicasio (King James)

8/3/18  Red Brick, (New Copasetics)

7/26/18  The Trident (Solo)

6/16/18  Private Party (King James)

6/14/18  142 Throckmorton (w/Jimmy Dillon and Paul Liberatore)

6/9/18  Novato Art and Wine (King James)

6/8/18  Red Brick (New Copasetics)

6/1/18  Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

5/12/18  Rancho Nicasio (King James)

4/29/18 Station House Cafe (New Copasetics)

4/7/18  Private Party (King James)

3/24/18 Private Party (King James)

3/23/18  Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

3/16/18 Red Brick (New Copasetics)

2/23/18 Lagunitas Tap Room (New Copasetics)

2/3/18  Rancho Nicasio (King James)

1/28/18  Station House Cafe (New Copasetics)

1/26/18 Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

1/20/18  Trident (solo)

1/19/18  Rancho Nicasio (New Copasetics)


12/16/17 Trident (solo)

12/8/17 Fenix  (King James)

12/1/17  Sonoma Speakeasy (New Copasetics)

11/24/17 Sausalito Cruising Club (New Copasetics)

11/18/17 Trident (solo)

11/4/17  Empress Theatre, Vallejo (King/James) Live performance video and audio recording.

10/21/17  Trident, Sausalito (solo)

10/8/17  Station House Cafe (New Copasetics)

10/7/17  Rancho Nicasio (King/James)

10/6/17  New Copasetics, Sonoma Speakeasy 

9/23/17  Private Party fund raiser for Marin Stables and Trails

9/16/17  Trident, Sausalito, Dallis Solo

9/10/17  Sweetwater Music Hall, with Jimmy Dillon Band (Benefit for "Dec My Room" Children in hospice)

8/26/17  Hopmonk, Novato (King/James)

8/25/17  Hopmonk, Sebastopol (King/James)

8/21/17  City Lights Band, Private Party, Hilton Hotel, San Francisco

8/19/17  Trident, Sausalito, Dallis Solo

7/29/17  Jimmy Dillon Band, Private Party

7/15/17  Trident , Sausalito, Dallis Solo

7/2/17    Summer of Love Show, Marin County Fair with Jimmy Dillon and Paul Liberatore "Liberators"

6/27/17  Cafe Trieste, Piedmont, Dallis Solo

6/22/17  Fenix, San Rafael, (King/James)

6/17/17  Trident, Sausalito, Dallis Solo

5/28/17  Richmond Park and Grill, Kelseyville, with Tommy Rox

5/27/17  Jimmy Dillon Band, Private Party

5/20/17  Trident , Sausalito, Dallis Solo

5/13/17  Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, with Jimmy Dillon and Paul Liberatore 

4/15/17  Trident Resturaunt, Sausalito, Dallis Solo

4/1/17   Tracy Rose Trio, Private Party

3/18/17  Trident , Sausalito, Dallis Solo

3/10/17  Fenix, San Rafael, (King/James)

2/4/17   Empress Theatre, Vallejo, (King/James)

1/21/17  Rich Martini Orchestra, Private Party

1/11/17  Fenix, San Rafael, Dallis Craft Band

1/10/17  Cafe Trieste, Piedmont, with David Sturdevant